Stairlifts vs. Vertical Platform Lifts: What’s the right solution for your home?

 Learn the difference between different stair and platform lifts. We’ll help you discover the perfect solution for your mobility needs.    Do you or a loved one struggle with navigating stairs in your home? You aren’t alone. Stairs are a common mobility obstacle for aging individuals and those with disabilities. Not only are these obstacles challenging to navigate, but they can quickly become dangerous: one-third of healthy adults age 65+ experience at least one fall per year, with many...

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10 Reasons to Consider installing a Stairlift in your Home

The stairs are a common source for injury in the home. Approximately one million people annually across the age-span incur a stair-related injury. Roughly 60% of falls experienced by seniors occur inside the home, of which 14% happen on the stairs or other uneven surfaces. Fall-related injuries among seniors can lead to costly emergency department visits and hospitalizations, reduced daily function, decreased quality of life, and even death. Healthy seniors who are still living in their private...

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Walk-in tubs versus Roll-in Showers: What you need to know

Bathroom installation layouts and designs have exponentially grown in recent years, meaning that older adults with unique accessibility needs no longer must work around traditional tub and walk-in shower models.  If renovation is a feasible option, older adults and their families can choose to install new shower/tub layouts to make using the bathroom a safer experience.  Today, we will be focusing on two types of layouts: walk-in tubs and roll-in showers.  With each layout, there will be a general...

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Aluminum Versus Wooden Outdoor Wheelchair Ramps

When prepping a home for regular wheelchair use, installing wheelchair ramps to access entryways into the house takes precedence. Today’s market (online and in-store) provides a seemingly endless list of wheelchair ramp options; however, only a select few makes and models will suit an individual’s unique needs. Where do caregivers and family members start? This blog will help older adults and their loved ones navigate the world of wheelchair ramps, particularly design and material options such...

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